Oklahoma has real problems that our elected officials have been unwilling to tackle. From the budget, to teacher pay, to overcrowded prisons, to domestic violence, every news story and statistic is embarrassing. Like you, Danielle believes we can do better. Together we can create an Oklahoma that will attract new business, offer our kids a great education, and make sure our state is as great as our people. 

State Budget

The single most important responsibility of our Legislature is the state budget. Unfortunately, many of our Senators and Representatives are more focused on supporting special interests than passing a working budget. We need be able to fund core services for our most vulnerable populations, like the children in the care of the Department of Human Services, and those who protect our families, like the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Danielle has owned her own business and was a senior executive for Teleflora, an international retailer. She understands the budgeting process and that no organization, especially our state, can function properly without a balanced budget.


Healthcare Access

Soaring healthcare costs are impacting many Oklahoma families while insurance benefits are at risk of being cut by the legislature. Some of the most affected Oklahomans are our seniors who rely on state programs at risk of being cut, such as the Advantage Waiver Program, which ensures our parents and grandparents have access to essential medical equipment and services, therapy, and assisted living care.

As someone who helps care for her mother, it is a personal matter for Danielle to ensure everyone can afford high quality health care and that our most vulnerable populations are covered.


Education and Workforce

Pitiful teacher pay is only part of the education and workforce challenges we're facing in Oklahoma. Our students aren't competitive with their peers in other states and our workforce lacks the post-secondary education needed to fulfill employer's needs. Four day school weeks and over crowded classrooms are not the answer to our future workforce crisis. We have to invest in Oklahoma's future by educating our children and providing them with the tools to become successful members of the workforce. 

Danielle is a member of the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board, which anticipates workforce needs and helps to provide training to fill high demand occupations. She will work to ensure our schools are well-equipped to help students adapt to changing needs in the workforce by providing a high quality education for all students.


Advancing Criminal Justice Reform

Danielle has been actively fighting for criminal justice reform the past several years. She serves as a member of the Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform coalition and was one of many individuals and organizations working to pass State Questions 780 and 781 in 2016. During the 2017 legislative session, she was at the Capitol daily fighting for continued reform while defending your vote on SQ 780 and 781.

Danielle will continue being an advocate for the voters and ensure our choices are not undermined by special interests who are more concerned with making money than making sure our prison system is running efficiently.